Beijing Zhonghai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded by, and co-located with the China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control (IVDC), Zhonghai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 and is an animal health company developing, registering, licensing and selling animal health products in China.

The IVDC is a China Ministry of Agriculture Institute responsible for the evaluation of veterinary drugs, inspection, supervision and test of veterinary drugs and appliances, monitoring of veterinary drugs residues, collection of veterinary culture, drafting and revising national standards of veterinary drugs as well as preparation and calibration of the national standards and reference materials of veterinary drugs.

Beijing Zhonghai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a partner of China Animal Husbandry Group, China’s largest animal health company, a major shareholder of Qian Yuan Hao Biotech Company Ltd., China’s largest poultry vaccine company and Harbin National Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zhonghai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has a focus on upstream and downstream process development, making available to partners and the market new animal vaccines and animal health products, working closely with local research institutes and universities.

Adgen Biotechnology is part owned by, and co-located with, Beijing Zhonghai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. The companies work together, creating and managing co-operation projects to register new international products in the Chinese market, co-develop new products using international technologies and perform R&D in collaboration with international partners.

Adgen Biotechnology has previously worked directly with many of China’s animal health companies, and manages several ongoing collaboration projects between Chinese and international companies. Adgen has a wide experience of different co-operation models including distribution, full sale of rights, licensing, contract research and co-development.